Mar 1, 2012


Best News This Year So Far: blog has been included as an Official Blog of / National Center for Fathering. I'm thrilled beyond words (and that's sayin' somthing!).

Check out my guest post at today.

I heartily recommend you spend some time at their site and read some of their great articles and blog posts.  I've written articles for the Center for close to 20 years now and I am a big believer in what they do.

Pope John Paul II wrote "All humanity passes by way of the family."  Copious research and 6000 years of human experience teach us that the family, itself, passes by way of the father.  I am deeply committed to encouraging fathers and sharing the wisdom I've cobbled together from over 25 years of raising four boys.

Dads, I wish you the very best.  Persevere.

Clark H Smith